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About La Connexion Mode

LCM's primary mission is to serve as a "Connection" between Asian players in the fashion industry and European brands or manufacturers. LCM offers its clients extensive experience and knowledge of Asian markets acquired by its CEO: Olivier KLEIN who has been working in this part of the world since 1988.

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LCM began its activities in 2000 as an agent for French brands in Asia and until 2008 as a purchasing office for companies based in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Japan and South Korea.

Since 2008, LCM has focused its buying office activities mainly on the Japanese market. Since then, LCM has established and strengthened long-term collaborations with major Japanese companies such as Shosha, fashion importers/distributors, department stores and multi-brand retail chains (Select Shops).

On the strength of these different experiences, in 2010 we created LCM Consulting department dedicated to:
- support Asian and Franco/European companies in their search for local partners
- define and develop with our customers commercial strategies related to these markets
- assist our Asian or European clients in the concretization of commercial relations  (EDA, licenses and M&A sourcing).

Thanks to our network and our experience; we know how to identify and approach potential partners suited to our clients. Our mission is to help them establish new business relationships that will bring them business opportunities in new markets.

LCM has a Franco-Japanese team specializing in the management of fashion, accessories, lifestyle and cosmetics for its French and foreign customers.

We offer our French and/or Asian customers the following services: 

  • international buying office

  • fashion consulting

  • development of European brands in Asia

  • development of Asia brands in Europe

After studying law in Paris, Olivier KLEIN founder of LCM started working in Asia (Hong Kong, Korea) in 1985 as an agent of French brands. From 1991 to 1996 he held the position of Commercial and License Director of the Japanese Haute Couture House Hanae Mori Paris. From 1999 to 2000 he was partner and general management of the Dejac brand.

With his experience in the fashion industry and his passion for Asia, he decided in 2000 to create with his wife Laurence LCM company whose goal is to provide various services to French brands wishing to establish themselves in Asia. Also to Asian companies willing to establish commercial links with European brands.

Since more than 30 years Olivier Klein has developed an extensive network in France, Europe and Asia among the Fashion Industry people. As of today he plays several roles such as :

– Consultant of WSN Group for Japanese Market.
– Business France certified consultant for Asia and Fashion.
– Adviser at Marangoni Fashion School France.
– Adviser of French Fashion Association for Japan .



Laurence KLEIN : Accounting and back office management 

Junko ABE : Account executive and merchandising 

Hidemi SETO : Accounts administration and logistic

Who we are

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